Welcome to Georgia's Art School! I’ve put the final touches on my new art school and recently opened my doors for business. I spent a lot of time in making the children’s drawing room bright, colouful and inspiring. The kids love it!

I designed the Kids Art Room so I can accommodate only 3 children at a time. I wanted to keep the classes small and cozy making sure I give as much attention to each child as needed.

Over the years I’ve found small classes allow children to get to know me and each other quite well, often with them ending up making good friends with their co-art students.

I offer two kinds of classes: after-school and Saturday classes for children ages 5-11, and a new and exciting program I call "No More Scribbling".

Art School Door

I believe that the foundation of good art is all about knowing and understanding the building blocks of how to draw using basic shapes, then I introduce colour and composition.

We usually complete one picture per class. As we progress and the children's patience and knowledge increases, we take longer to complete more complicated pictures.

I invite you to read more about my classes and philosophy!

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